Hearts & Hands Therapy (HHTNJ) is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to children with behavior challenges and skill deficits what affect their ability to function effectively in their home, school, and community.  HHTNJ hires highly skilled, experienced, creative, and caring Therapists to work with our company and our clients in the areas of behavior, speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.  Our services are individualized and based on each clients’ and family’s needs, skills, and concerns.  Services may range from one therapy to many working together to reach common goals.  They can also range from consulting to comprehensive home and community supports.  Our programs are designed to engage and empower parents and other caregivers to support our clients within their natural settings and routines so that they can be successful, self-sufficient individuals and make families lives easier and happier.

Hearts & Hands Therapy specializes in providing individual supports to children with special needs of any kind.  We always take a team approach to identifying any problematic behaviors, why they are occurring, and come up with strategies and a treatment plan that is a good fit for the child in any environment.

The process starts by completing a records review of the child, conduct interviews of parents, caregivers, etc and complete an observation as part of a Functional Behavior Assessment.  By doing this we are able to determine why these behaviors are occurring and what strategies would benefit our client in order to reduce the unwanted behavior.  Based on all of this we develop a comprehensive treatment plan for this child.

Once your treatment plan is completed, we will have a meeting with the family to go over the plan, answer any questions, make any necessary adjustments, and set up the treatment schedule.  Once the parents have approved the plan we work hard to hand pick staff that we feel with best work with your child and family and work on training them to our client’s particular individualized plan.

Our staff is always trained and familiar with completing data collection in order to analyze progress and implement interventions.  Once progress is established it is our job to begin fade prompts and to promote generalization to all settings.

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